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What are the advantages of dual wavelength pyrometer
The trustworthy dual wavelength pyrometer is widely used in a variety of industries, because its measurement accuracy can meet the measurement needs of a variety of objects.
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High temperature pyrometer classification introduction
High temperature pyrometer has a considerable range of use in life, especially in families with children. Wuhan Dikai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a high temperature pyrometer manufacturer and a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and market expansion of infrared temperature measuring instruments.
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How to choose two color pyrometer correctly
Nowadays, the two color pyrometer used in some factories has received praise from many customers because of its fast detection speed, high accuracy of detection data, and convenient detection methods.
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Introduction to the application and classification of Fiber Optic Pyrometer
Fiber Optic Pyrometer uses a polymer temperature-sensitive material that matches the refractive index of the optical fiber to coat the outside of two fused optical fibers so that light energy is input from one optical fiber and the reflective surface is output from the other optical fiber.
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What is the function of dual wavelength pyrometer
Most consumers are relatively unfamiliar with the dual wavelength pyrometer. After all, there are fewer opportunities to use this type of instrument in daily life.
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Basic content introduction of non contact pyrometer
The sensitive components of non contact pyrometer do not touch each other with the measured object, also known as non-contact temperature measuring instrument.
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Introduction to the characteristics of high speed pyrometers
High speed pyrometers generally refer to thermometers used to measure temperatures above 500°C. Commonly used pyrometers include optical pyrometers, colorimetric pyrometers and radiation pyrometers.
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Introduction of commonly used high temperature thermometers
A high temperature thermometer is an instrument that measures higher temperatures. Two types of optical high temperature thermometer and radiation high temperature thermometer are the most important.
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Instructions for using infrared thermometer
In the current battle to prevent and control new pneumonia, human infrared thermometers are widely used in public places such as hospitals, airports, railway stations, docks, subway stations, and highway intersections as body temperature measurement equipment.
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