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Application of Wavelength Pyrometer in Industry
Thermal imaging systems, namely dual-wavelength pyrometers, have drawn attention to study DED processes because they utilize the ratio of the relative intensities of radiation at two different wavelengths.
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Dual-wavelength thermometer tells you the research of long-wavelength infrared thermometer
Infrared radiation: objects above absolute zero (-273.15°C) can radiate infrared energy outward. Infrared detectors are optoelectronic devices that can respond to external infrared light radiation,
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Working characteristics of dual wavelength pyrometer
The dual-wavelength pyrometer opens up specific input work through suitable marking activities during use, and mixes the instrument with the temperature required by the factory experiment through the laser modulation frequency.
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Advantages of Dual Wavelength Pyrometers
The measurement accuracy error of the dual-wavelength thermometer is very small. For some small temperature changes, it can also be sensitively measured and highlighted.
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Industrial application of dual-wavelength pyrometers
Anyone who has an understanding of metallurgical technology knows that in the metallurgical process, temperature signals need to be measured at any time in the process of continuous casting, hot blast furnace, hot rolling, cold rolling, bar/wire rolling, etc.
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The working principle and advantages and disadvantages of optical pyrometer and photoelectric colorimeter pyrometer
Optical pyrometers are currently widely used for temperature measurement of high-temperature melts and furnaces, and are very important high-temperature instruments in metallurgy,
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Matters needing attention when using optical pyrometers
The effect of non-black body. Since the measured object is a non-absolute black body, and the blackness coefficient ελ of the object is not constant, it is related to the wavelength λ, the surface condition of the object and the temperature.
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Temperature measurement principle of optical pyrometer
Any object at high temperature will project a certain wavelength of electromagnetic waves (radiant energy). The visible light with a wavelength of 0.65μm electromagnetic wave is most sensitive to human eyes
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Analysis of the principle of optical pyrometer
Optical pyrometer is a temperature measuring instrument based on the principle of spectral radiation. The object will emit light at high temperature. In the wavelength range of visible light (0.35 ~ 0.75),
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