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Working principle of high temperature infrared thermometer
The infrared radiation characteristics of an object—the magnitude of the radiation energy and its distribution by wavelength—has a very close relationship with its surface temperature.
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Temperature Ranges for Industrial Thermometers
Thermocouple thermometer: It is a temperature measuring instrument widely used in industry. Made using thermoelectric phenomenon.
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Measuring range of optical pyrometers
When the temperature to be measured is higher than the range that thermocouples can use, and where it is impossible or not suitable for installation of thermocouples, optical pyrometers can generally meet this requirement.
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What are the characteristics of industrial pyrometers
Pyrometers are available in two forms: 1) A device for measuring the temperature of the molten pool, including: a refractory mounting sleeve and an optical pyrometer;
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What is the measuring range of ordinary thermometers and pyrometers
There are many kinds of thermometers, which are divided into civil and industrial use, and there are also many kinds of products.
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Introduction to Pyrometer Terminology
Pyrometer An instrument that measures higher temperatures. The two most important are optical pyrometers and radiation pyrometers.
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The working principle and characteristics of different pyrometers
Thermocouples use this principle to measure temperature. One end that is directly used to measure the temperature of the medium is called the working end,
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Colorimetric Pyrometer Applications
It is made according to the principle that the ratio of the radiation intensities of the two wavelengths in the radiation emitted by the heated object changes with the actual temperature of the object.
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The use and classification of various thermometers
Refers to thermometers specially used to measure temperatures over 500°C, including optical thermometers, colorimetric thermometers and radiation thermometers.
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