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The working principle and characteristics of different pyrometers
Thermocouples use this principle to measure temperature. One end that is directly used to measure the temperature of the medium is called the working end,
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Colorimetric Pyrometer Applications
It is made according to the principle that the ratio of the radiation intensities of the two wavelengths in the radiation emitted by the heated object changes with the actual temperature of the object.
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The use and classification of various thermometers
Refers to thermometers specially used to measure temperatures over 500°C, including optical thermometers, colorimetric thermometers and radiation thermometers.
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What is the temperature range of a pyrometer
There are many types of pyrometers, which are divided into civil and industrial use. There are also many kinds of products. The industry includes thermal resistance, thermocouple, bimetal thermometer
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The pyrometer tells you that choosing an infrared thermometer can be divided into three aspects
Performance indicators such as temperature range, spot size, working wavelength, measurement accuracy, response time, etc.; environment and working conditions,
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Examples of areas of application for pyrometers
The sharp drop in prices in recent years has opened up more and more application fields, especially in low temperature areas or to replace general traditional thermometers.
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Two forms of pyrometers
A device for measuring the temperature of a molten pool, comprising: a refractory mounting sleeve and an optical pyrometer;
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Types of High temperature pyrometers
Since the high temperature pyrometer does not need to be in contact with the object to be measured, it can be used in extremely high temperature occasions, sports heat sources, and the temperature measurement of heat sources that cannot be touched or are harmful to the human body and the instrument.
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What are the uses of High temperature pyrometer from China
The temperature measurement of industrial heating furnaces is believed to have been contacted. The point is that these are related to the use of High temperature pyrometer from China and the development of products.
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