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What aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing an aluminum pyrometer
Knowing the temperature range to be measured is an important performance indicator for aluminum pyrometers. Each thermometer has its own specific temperature range.
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Aluminum pyrometer manufacturers tell you the difference between two-color pyrometers and radiation pyrometers
The aluminum pyrometer manufacturers believe that the temperature scale of the color temperature is determined by the brightness temperature of the two-color pyrometer,
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The principle of aluminum infrared pyrometer
Radiation pyrometer or infrared thermometer. These names also apply to those instruments that measure temperature by visible black rays radiated by the measured body.
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Criteria for choosing a pyrometer
The application of the pyrometer is mainly determined by the measurement range. Whether it is the measurement voltage or the initial value of the measurement area, it should be consistent with the requirements of the measurement work.
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Five temperature measurement places will affect the measurement accuracy of infrared thermometers
one. Strong electromagnetic field interference "The place with strong electromagnetic field environment will cause the output signal of the infrared thermometer to be distorted and the fluctuation range is large
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Infrared thermometer window protection window how to choose
With technology and continuous development, the advancement of infrared thermometer technology has provided users with a variety of functional and multi-purpose instruments, expanding the choice.
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Examples of the application of infrared pyrometers in industry
The application possibilities of different pyrometers are extremely wide. The sharp drop in price in recent years has opened up more and more fields of application, especially in low temperature areas or to replace general traditional thermometers.
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How to tell if an infrared camera is calibrated or uncalibrated
Calibrating your thermal imager might surprise you. But for your thermal imaging camera to function optimally, it must accurately measure thermal radiation.
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What are the advantages of infrared thermometers
With the introduction of specialty aluminum alloys designed for applications such as aerospace, automotive or safety products, there is an increasing need to produce products with complex mechanical specifications and to reduce product weight.
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