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Advantages of aluminum pyrometer
Aluminum pyrometer enables manufacturers to continuously measure the temperature of the metal at every step of the process. The aluminum pyrometer is not in contact with aluminum, so it will not cause surface damage.
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The measurement advantages and principle structure of infrared pyrometer
The infrared pyrometer has many advantages for non-contact temperature measurement by receiving infrared rays radiated by the measured body. Use the infrared pyrometer to measure the temperature of objects that are difficult to reach or move, such as materials with poor heat transfer performance or small heat capacity.
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What are the main uses of Infrared Thermometer from China
What are the main uses of Infrared Thermometer from China? Infrared Thermometer from China has been proven to be an effective tool for detecting and diagnosing electronic device failures. It can save a lot of money.
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The advantages and measuring principle of infrared pyrometer
There are many advantages to using infrared pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement. Its application ranges from small or hard-to-reach objects to corrosive chemicals and sensitive surface objects.
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