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Factory Service

Dikai Optoelectronics has complete calibration and calibration equipment for infrared temperature measurement equipment. There are a variety of standard grade thermometers. After strict training, the instrument verification personnel, combined with the infrared thermometer calibration standards, provide you with instrument calibration and calibration services. Make sure your product measurement data is accurate. Service Content: 1. Instrument calibration and inspection; 2. Instrument maintenance and repair; 3. Material (partial emissivity measurement); 4, special specifications temperature measurement products customized; 5. Development of the Internet of Things system based on infrared temperature measurement or imaging system.

Dikai Optoelectronics' advantages in technical services:

1. Talent advantage. Dikai has a highly qualified professional service talent team;
2. Industry experience advantages. Since its establishment in 2004, the field of thermal engineering has been extensive and there are almost no blind spots. Whether it is measurement, feedback, control, etc., it has a very deep understanding and unique treatment. We have experience in undertaking and developing projects of all sizes. There are current project operation sites for reference and inspection.
3. Technical advantages. Dikai Optoelectronics not only attaches great importance to the research and development of core technologies of its own products, but also actively explores relevant vertical and horizontal related fields.
4. Service advantage. Dikai is responsible for any products, services and services that he provides.


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