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  Wuhan Dikai Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. established in May 2004, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the Research & Development and Market Expansion of infrared temperature measuring instruments. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the development of infrared business, with the mission of providing infrared sensing, imaging technology and optical measurement products, pursuing high quality and new technologies.  

  After nearly two decades of concentrated development, Dikai has gained good market recognition and rich industries experience. The company has obtained a number of national patents, software copyrights and a variety of measuring instrument production licenses. The high R&D investment every year makes Dikai's products more and more abundant, and the market is more and more broad.   

  Since the establishment of company, the average sales growth rate of Dikai's products has been maintained at a relatively high level, and a good supply-sales business network has been formed in the periphery. Dikai's products are widely used in the production and processing of steel and non-ferrous metals, chemical, electric power, cement, glass, refractory materials, coking, crystal material production, medium and high frequency induction heating, plasma heating, microwave heating equipments, vacuum equipments, scientific research and other industries, with customers all over the world. 

  Excellent product quality, rich product categories, complete service management and considerate technical support have enabled Dikai's products and brand to be highly regarded by customers, and gain an important position in the industry. Dikai Optoelectronics has also become one of the important suppliers of infrared temperature measuring instruments in China. While selling products, we provide users with accurate temperature measurement and control solutions, to ensure that more value can be created for Dikai's customers.   

  With the deepening of market expansion and increasing product influence, Dikai not only develops and provides infrared thermometer products, but also extends its peripheral products to areas such as artificial intelligence, machine vision, Internet of Things systems and smart factory systems.   

  Dikai Company has grown into a supplier of comprehensive industrial equipments and application solutions. We can provide customers with measuring equipments, solutions, engineering project design R&D and construction services in the thermal production process.   

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