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  • Time of issue:2018-09-13 00:00:00
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Application of infrared thermometer in cement kiln in carcass
  According to the survey at present there are nearly 800 cement production lines, the annual direct economic losses caused by red kiln accident amounted to 20 million, the indirect losses is 300million. It is very difficult to measure for non uniform rotation of the cement carcass in the conventional way, the international advanced way is to install a set of infrared thermometer in kiln preheating stage, but the price is too expensive, our company developed infrared scanning carcass temperature measuring instrument.
  The main hardware colorimetric infrared thermometer, the step angle scanning means, the data acquisition device, shows the composition of the recording portion, etc., the software part of the system consists of data acquisition filter, synchronous scanning control, data processing, communications, infrared radiation measured Wenyi predetermined scanning to achieve for each of the measured axial kiln shell temperature measurement Duan, in a scan cycle, the infrared radiation thermometer will drive under the scanning device, each of the measured element surface the temperature of the infrared radiation into electrical signals related to data acquisition means as feeding data acquisition, data acquisition and synchronization means ensure the rotation of the rotary kiln to maintain strict synchronization, the measured temperature value is measured to make sure the corresponding element, the thermometer scan after scan start to the end, that is kiln shell surface of each measuring element-by-element temperature to complete a post-test, the quick return immediately start scanning, detecting the start of the next scan cycle, the data after computer processing, given the situation reflects the kiln images, text messages, if necessary, may emit audible alarm.

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