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  • Time of issue:2018-09-13 00:00:00
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Application of infrared thermometer in the refractory material factory
  Infrared thermometer is widely used in refractory material factory due to its high accuracy. In the tunnel kiln, there is many measurement points. Infrared thermometer usually works for a long time. If the temperature parameters control is not appropriate, it will bring great economic losses to the production enterprises, therefore, choose a suitable thermometer is an important part to ensure the normal operation of the kiln. There are two kinds of traditional temperature measuring methods for tunnel kiln: one is using a thermocouple, the characteristic of this method is high accuracy, can connect the recorder or the control system for the closed-loop control, the disadvantage is the short life, especially when the kiln temperature is more than 1300℃,  the electric coupling consumption is large and the price is very expensive, the equipment operation cost is high; the second method is optical pyrometer, the method to measure the temperature is according to the measured object color light, because it is not directly contact with the high temperature area, so its service life is long, but the accuracy is low, and no electrical signal output, can not be automatically recorded, and influenced by human factors. Our company's infrared thermometer can effectively overcome these disadvantages. The instrument has high measuring accuracy (up to 0.5%), but also can output signal datas, automatic recording and control, and has the advantages of long service life (five years), simple operation, little artificial error etc Therefore, our company's product Dkoe series infrared thermometer is the ideal instrument for the high temperature tunnel kiln. In tunnel kiln application, according to the different requirements of the users, there are two kinds of method, used single point and multi-point switch temperature measurement scheme.
  Introduced as follows:
  Single point temperature measurement system: each measuring point using a probe and a meter box.

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