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Application of the thermal imager in electric power system
  Electric power automation equipment control and unattended has become an inevitable trend, at present, to carry out a comprehensive renovation project of intelligent power grid, requires the establishment of monitoring control center, to the transmission and distribution power plants, substations, transmission and distribution lines and other key equipment related data, environmental parameters, image monitoring, real-time, direct to understand and grasp the various the key equipment, and respond quickly to emergencies.
  The power system of electrical equipment“Application of infrared diagnosis standard in unattended substation construction”charged that we should highlight the “five remote” namely: telemetry, remote control, remote adjustment, remote viewing, remote viewing and five point technology, the realization of the function is basically based on environmental monitoring, safety, equipment the temperature distribution can directly reflect the running status of power grid, Wuhan Dikai photoelectric according to the specification requirements, after decades of experience feedback, combined with the power system site requirements, developed a special electrical equipment on-line monitoring of thermal imager.
  The characteristics of infrared thermal imager:
  1. Infrared remote sensing image real-time transmission of the detected object, with characteristics of digital network.
  2. Large-scale surface type cluster detection control group.
  3. Can achieve the monitoring target temperature or hot position, temperature, analysis, alarm.
  4. To capture, playback video surveillance area.
  5. the multiple targets monitoring range setting arbitrary preset, automatic monitoring, inspection, fixed timing.
  6. Control objectives set over temperature preset alarm, over temperature alarm and meet to generate reports in a timely manner.
  7. Automatically generated daily inspection log, including monitoring each preset maximum temperature and.
  8. The computer can carry out real-time monitoring analysis of points, line, and the temperature of the monitor screen
  9. Rich expand interface, and can be developed, connect to other equipment convenient, make up large integrated network.

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