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Application of infrared thermometer in glass producing
  In the glass industry we need to measure the temperature of the transparent and opaque objects. The mold includes an opaque object, the side wall of the dome and glass melting furnace. To measure the glass by non contact thermometer, the glass is transparent to visible, the spectrum in the near infrared spectral range, its emissivity and wavelength have a link with the thickness of the glass. When the spectra in the range of 5 ~ 8 μm, the emission rate is the highest, so the temperature of the glass can be reliably measured in this range. The measurement of surface temperature has no relationship with the thickness of the glass, and in this range there is no radiation. In order to avoid the influence by ambient air, infrared thermometer only  use a very narrow band. High quality thermometer only working in this spectral range that called environment window . Because there will not absorb the infrared ray that caused by the air humidity and carbon dioxide. And it also can avoid the measurement error caused by air humidity or measuring distance change. Narrow range of 5 (about 5μm) is used to measure the surface temperature.
  Infrared thermometer are generally working in the spectral range of 5-14μm, because the waste heat will not affect the combustion flame in the region to measure value. Which be measured is the melted glass, it needs to use the thermometer in the near infrared range. Because different wavelengths can reach different penetration depth, to choose thermometer depends on the thickness of the glass. The non-contact temperature measurement technology will replace the traditional thermocouple in the glass furnace. In the production process of the glass industry, the infrared temperature measurement is simple to operate, and has fast response speed, no aging, low drift, flexible configuration, no pollution of glass solution etc.  The thermocouple will soon aging at high temperature in the corrosive environment and drift, in order to protect the thermocouple, some places need to use platinum metal protection shell, so the cost will rise a lot.
  In view of this situation, our company developed IT-8 series infrared thermometers  to be used in this field.IT required the installation accessories such as installation angle, air cleaner, peep tube (up to 1200℃ also can be used). The installation and operation cost can be reduced significantly.

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