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  Infrared thermometers have a wide range of applications in cement manufacturing. According to the survey, there are nearly 800 cement production lines in China. The direct economic losses caused by the red kiln accident are 20 million yuan each year, and the indirect losses amount to 300 million yuan. It is difficult to measure the temperature of non-uniform rotating cement carcass by conventional methods. The internationally advanced method is to install an infrared scanning thermometer on the kiln tail preheating platform, but the price is relatively expensive, and Wuhan Dikai independently developed Infrared scanning carcass thermometer.
  The hardware of the system is mainly composed of colorimetric infrared thermometer, stepping angle scanning device, data acquisition device, display recording, etc. The software part of the system is mainly composed of data acquisition and filtering, synchronous scanning control, data communication processing, etc. The instrument performs the measurement of the temperature of each measuring section of the kiln body in a predetermined scanning mode. In one scanning period, the infrared radiation thermometer will drive the infrared of each measuring element under the driving of the scanning device. The radiation is converted into a temperature-related electrical signal and sent to the data acquisition device as a data acquisition. The synchronization device ensures that the data acquisition is strictly synchronized with the rotation of the rotary kiln, so that the measured temperature value corresponds to the measurement element, and the thermometer is scanned. After the starting point scans to the end point, after the temperature measurement of each measuring element on the surface of the kiln carcass is completed, it immediately returns to the scanning starting point and starts the detection of the next scanning cycle. After the data is processed by the microcomputer, it is given to reflect the condition of the kiln. Image, text information, sound and light alarms can be emitted if necessary.
  In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, it is necessary to consider the emissivity of the object and the surrounding environment. The thermometer should be vertically aligned with the surface of the kiln body. Due to the influence of water vapor, dust and smoke, water-cooled and wind-purged devices should be installed.
  The meaning of the production:
  1. The quality monitoring and monitoring of the product during the production process, as long as the temperature is controlled within the set value, the product quality will be guaranteed, and too low and too high will waste energy;
  2. Online security testing can protect people and equipment security;
  3. Reduce energy consumption and save energy.

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