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Application of Infrared thermometer in high frequency welding
  Welding temperature is one of the important parameters of the welding quality control.Non contact infrared thermometer provides an effective technical method for on-line monitoring of welding temperature. We can achieved online welding temperature measured by infrared thermometer, and also use an automatic control system of welding temperature.
  Diamond saw sheet base has high demands on the mechanical properties .Different tempering temperature influenced the strength of steel, toughness, have important effects on contraction and extension, in order to obtain the best mechanical properties, to avoid accidents in the process of using, the temperature control plays a crucial role in the production process.
  The welding machine always adopted time control in the temperature control, the voltage instability and voltage fluctuation will lead to a change in the temperature of the cutter head, the cutter head and the fixture with the degree of tightness, height, angle will affect the precision of temperature control. Time control can not directly reflect the cutter head temperature changes, but the temperature control can clearly reflect the change of temperature in the production process. So that temperature control is the development trend of the welding machine, far more advanced than the time control.
  When the alloy saw blade welding machine working, the welding time is short, high temperature rising speed, small welding target. So we developed FOT-8 infrared thermometer specially adopted in welding technology. Especially bidirectional laser aiming and temperature measurements in a single optical fiber, without interference, so that the temperature measuring and aiming absolute coaxial. The aim could be tested precise. It is easy for users to keep track of the temperature distribution of the measured object, especially suitable for the heat capacity smaller measurement objective. FOT-8 welding temperature measuring instrument in order to meet the special requirements of the welding industry and design, in the fields of optical, mechanical and electrical integration, digital circuit, the progress as follows:
  I. Optical: this thermometer used the international high-end thermometer optical lens, large distance coefficient, laser point is small and strong, the combination prism type aiming, truly coaxial laser aiming, makes the measurement positioning more accurate. The large distance coefficient optical lens, the minimum measurement target is1mm, measure temperature range is 400-1200℃, can meet the needs of all kinds of special field.
  II. Electromechanical and appearance: It is the smallest thermometer in the coaxial laser sighting infrared thermometer .design of light mechanical and electrical integration, greatly reduced size, and meets the installation requirements of welding industry narrow space.
  III. Digital circuit: digital circuit design, high temperature curve linearization, ensure the accuracy of measurement, consistency, repeatability,  high precision A/D and single chip, meet different materials during welding, the ultra fast response time, analog output standard, and PLC direct communication, closed loop control.

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