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Service Policy
  Service purposes:
  “Customer first” is the service tenet of Dikai Optoelectronics. Everything is centered on the needs of users, and constantly creating the best service and value for users is the customer service goal of Dikai Optoelectronics.
  Pre-sale service:
  1. Pre-sales technical solution
  Support According to the specific needs of the user site, Dikai Optoelectronics can provide overall solution technical support. The program seeks to provide users with safer, more reliable, more cost-effective products and systems.
  2. Pre-sales technical exchange
  Dikai Optoelectronics is pleased to provide pre-sales technical exchange services for users. Through face-to-face communication, users can better understand and master the knowledge of infrared thermometers and their systems.
  3. Customized solutions
  Dikai Optoelectronics' first-class technical team is able to provide personalized solutions to the user's temperature measurement environment and equipment requirements, adding value to users.
  In-sale service:
  The professional technicians of Dikai Optoelectronics provide users with a series of professional services such as installation and commissioning. All services are based on customer satisfaction.
  After sales service:
  1. Warranty
  The purchase of Dikai Optoelectronics products can be guaranteed during the warranty period, all accessories are original products. The fault caused by the quality problem is guaranteed within 12 months from the factory. If the warranty period is exceeded, or the product damage is caused by wrong use, unmanned management, disassembly, accident and abnormal working environment, the user will return it to the manufacturer for repair and bear the maintenance cost.
  2. Inspection
  Dikai Optoelectronics customer service personnel will conduct inspection services according to user needs, and maintain and repair the products on the customer site. At the same time, according to changes in the user's on-site needs, Dikai Optoelectronics will provide users with solutions to meet their needs.
  3. Maintenance
  The maintenance service provided by Dikai Optoelectronics allows users to sit back and enjoy the full range of infrared thermometer products. During the maintenance period, Dikai Optoelectronics will undertake all maintenance and repair work for the products.

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