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High-speed pyrometer manufacturers introduce the application of high-speed infrared thermometers
The KLEIBER KG315K high-speed infrared thermometer's internal data logging system can store up to 2000 sets of test data with time and date, ensuring the integrity of all data related to control access to the coking furnace.
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Application field and use requirements of high-speed thermometer
It is aimed at the coaxial laser, which can accurately measure the temperature of the target, with stable repeat measurement, fast response, simple operation and reliable use.
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What is a high-speed pyrometer
High-speed pyrometers are used for non-contact temperature measurement, especially on glass surfaces. The equipment has been developed for rapid industrial applications in all areas of glass processing.
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The development prospect of high-speed pyrometer
High-speed temperature measurement is used for the measurement of severe temperature changes such as laser applications, airbag testing, internal combustion engines, turbines, plasma, silicon control, etc.,
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Application of high-speed thermometer
The high-speed thermometer adopts precision optical system and imported photoelectric sensor, and the instrument has a wide temperature measurement range
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The use principle of pressure stainless steel customized High temperature pyrometer
The all-stainless steel customized High temperature pyrometer has good performance and is gradually being widely used. Like other pyrometers, it also has its own working principle.
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High speed pyrometer must pay attention to the following matters when installing
How to choose and use high speed pyrometer is undoubtedly what every motor manufacturer must face problem. I have sorted out some related materials to share with you, in order to be useful for everyone's work.
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Introduction to the characteristics of high speed pyrometers
High speed pyrometers generally refer to thermometers used to measure temperatures above 500°C. Commonly used pyrometers include optical pyrometers, colorimetric pyrometers and radiation pyrometers.
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