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Metal Processing


Metal Processing

The thermal processing of Metal involves a wide range of industries in industrial production. Thermal processing usually includes casting, forging, welding, heat treatment and other processes. Due to the variety of heating methods , the choice of infrared pyrometer is very important. There is no infrared temperature measurement product that meets all applicable requirements. Especially for some induction heating applications, high requirements are imposed on temperature measuring instruments. Dikai Optoelectronics has developed a wide range of infrared pyrometer for various applications and requirements to meet a variety of sites and processes.
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The processing of Aluminum profile hot

Aluminum profiles and aluminum hot forged materials are very common in industrial production and daily life. Aluminum has very low emissivity, which is well known - especially for aluminum profiles with a high surface finish. Dikai Optoelectronics has developed a dedicated aluminum pyrometer for this industry. The pyrometer achieves a temperature measurement of 100-800 °C. It can achieve accurate measurement Whether it is aluminum extrusion or aluminum material hot loading.

The infrared pyrometer relies on Absorbing infrared radiation from a target object to achieve the purpose of temperature measurement. The worse the infrared radiation capability of the measured object is, the more difficult it is to achieve accurate temperature measurement. In order to achieve accurate measurement of aluminum temperature, we have developed a dedicated optical system and a special temperature compensation algorithm. They changed the single method of relying on emissivity compensation to achieve accurate measurements.

Accurate temperature measurement provides accurate process parameters for aluminum profiles, aluminum heat products and Aluminum product hot loading .It guarantees the mechanical properties and consistency of the product.

Common problems in the measurement of aluminum profiles:
Due to the irregular shape of the aluminum profile and most of the hollow, the effective measurement target of the infrared pyrometer is reduced;

Radiation interference caused by sunlight reflection because of aluminum profiles

Emissivity change caused by finish due to different surface colors
        IT8L infrared pyrometer from Dikai Optoelectronics can solve these problems very well. The instrument can accurately measure the temperature of various aluminum without setting any user parameters.

Because of the difference in the actual applicable environment and processing, and if any specific requirements exist, please Consult Dikai market staff in detail.

Hot working temperature measurement of Copper (copper, brass)

Copper is also a metal material with a low emissivity, especially the smooth surface material or copper wire. We take oxygen-free copper as an example, the quality of oxygen-free copper liquid depends not only on the refining quality of the melting and holding furnaces, but also on the stability of the entire system and the whole process. Therefore, accurate measurement of the temperature of the oxygen-free copper liquid is very important. In the process of oxygen-free copper smelting, the copper liquid is covered by charcoal. Dikai Optoelectronics has developed a pyrometer and mounting accessories specifically for oxygen-free copper temperature measurement.

Thermal processing of non-ferrous metals such as tungsten and molybdenum

Sintering of tungsten and molybdenum materials

Diathermy forging of ferrous metals

Diathermy forging of steel
        Welding (tools, tool welding, spectacle frame welding, laser plastic parts welding)

Production of rare earth materials
        Due to the wide range of industries involved, please contact us for technical support!




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