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IRPT-W Infrared Pyrometer


IRPT-W Infrared Pyrometer

Temperature Range : 50℃ to 3000°C Accuracy:±0.5%(FS) Response time: ≤1.5ms Widely used for Aluminum and other bright metals、MOCVD, Thin film PE and PP、glass surface temperature、Quartz materials such as optical fiber preforms、Metal,ceramic,graphite、 molten glass、glass surface temperature ,etc.
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   IRPT-W Series is a universal and wide ranged  thermometer that can be used in many heat processing conditions. It’s small size and easy to install. The stainless housing can be used in harsh environment endurably. 
        IRPT-W Series includes several wavelengths that can be widely used. The temperature range 200℃to 3000℃, meets the general temperature measurement and control of the dynamic range requirements. The range of three thermometers is realized with one pyrometer, which not only reduces the cost, but also facilitates the design of the control system and the later data processing, and reduces the maintenance cost and requirements.
       Coaxial aiming laser control, measurement error correction, measurement mode selection, measurement speed adjustment and other operations are realized by instrument display and human-computer interaction panel .The temperature can be shown on the  high-light screen instantly when the equipment is working. Coaxial laser aiming helps to fix the object. 
        Analog and digital output are available. RS422 output support high speed digital collecting, if supported by Dikai software, it can realize 1 k/s data transmission and storage.
        Products Recommendation:
        IRPT-W-1550    Metal,ceramic,graphite, molten glass
        IRPT-W-2600     Aluminum and other bright metals
        IRPT-W-3300     MOCVD, Thin film PE and PP   
        IRPT-W-5000      MOCVD, glass  surface temperature
        IRPT-W-5200      Quartz    materials    such    as optical fiber preforms
  Temperature range
 IRPT-W-1550       200-3000℃
        IRPT-W-2600        50-1600℃
        IRPT-W-3300        300-1300℃
        IRPT-W-5000        50-1300℃
        IRPT-W-5200        500-2500℃
  Distance-to-Spot Ratio (D:S)
  All Series              70:1
       Spectral range
  IRPT-W-1550         1550nm 
       IRPT-W-2600          2460nm
       IRPT-W-3300          3300nm
       IRPT-W-5000          5000nm
       IRPT-W-5200          5200nm
       Measurement parameters
  Accuracy :              
  Repeatability:         0.2%
  Response time:
       IRPT-W-1550/2600                 ≤1.5ms
       IRPT-W-3300/5000/5200        ≤50ms
       Electrical Parameters
  Analog Output:         0-20mA or 4-20mA or 0-5V
       Digital Output:           RS422
  Power:                     24VDC,100mA
       General Parameters
  Ambient temperature range: 0-70℃
  Storage temperature range: -20-70℃
  Vibration: GB/T2423.8-1995
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