Wuhan Dikai Optoelectronics Technologies Co., Ltd established in May 2004, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research & development and market expansion of infrared temperature measuring instruments. Since its inception, the company has been committed to the development of infrared temperature career, providing infrared sensing, measurement and imaging technology as its mission, pursuing new technologies and high quality. Dikai's infrared products have been widely used in various industries, such as the production & processing of steel and non-ferrous metals, chemicals, medium and high frequency induction heating, plasma heating equipments, cement production, automobile parts production, glass production, monocrystalline/ polycrystalline silicon growth, welding, ceramic products, refractory materials, etc.. While selling infrared products, Dikai also provide users with accurate temperature measurement and control solutions to ensure more value for our customers.  Excellent quality, rich product categories, perfect service and accurate technical support make Dikai's products and brand highly respected by customers, and gain an important position in the industry in China. Dikai Optoelectronics has become one of the major suppliers of online infrared thermometers in China.




Innovation, R & D

Dikai Optoelectronics focuses on the development and production of infrared thermometers. Self-renovation, research & development are the foundation of Dikai's survival. Since its establishment in 2004, Dikai has continued to innovate and strengthen investment in technology R & D, has obtained a number of national invention patents and software copyrights.


Complete Industry 

Dikai is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and market expansion of infrared thermometers. Our company has blackbody radiation sources with different ranges and standard thermometers of various specifications. Every year Dikai invests a lot in special standard equipments. Dikai's products have undergone stringent type approval experiments (CPA) in relevant national departments.


Various Product Types 
& High Quality

With 20 years experience of product development, production and marketing, Dikai has professional & diversified infrared temperature measurement products and perfect industrial solutions. High-quality, high-stability and high-precision products have enabled Dikai to win the trust of many customers in China and abroad. Dikai brand has also been praised by customers.


Professional & Prompt 

"Customer first" is the service tenet of Dikai Optoelectronics. Everything centered on the needs of customers & constantly creating the best service and value for customers is the service goal of Dikai. Our highly trained and dedicated field service engineers are always ready to provide you with the best performance products and most reliable cost-effective temperature solutions.


Rich Industry Experience & Cases

After 20 years of industry accumulation and market precipitation, Dikai has been involved in a wide range of applications in heat treatment fields, has experience in undertaking & developing projects of various scales. Our products have been widely used in various industries, with customers over the world. Dikai has become one of the most important suppliers of infrared temperature measuring instruments in China. 




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