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DIT-6H3 Dual Wavelength Pyrometer


DIT-6H3 Dual Wavelength Pyrometer

DIT-6H3 dual wavelength pyrometer, temperature range 1000-3000℃, can measure target temperature through polluting windows, dust, water or smoke, or when the emissivity of material is unknown. This specific owes to the use of 2 detectors, which measure simultaneously at different spectral ranges and determine the result temperature by forming the radiation ratio.
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Product description
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       DIT-6H3 dual wavelength pyrometer is a dual wavelength infrared pyrometer, protected from dust and smoke by an IP66 aluminum alloy housing. This pyrometer is ideally suitable for measuring the temperature of molten steel, various metals, vacuum furnaces, high temperature graphite etc..
    DIT-6H3 dual wavelength pyrometer features an advanced electro-optical design. Digital electronics and built-in user interface are combined in a rugged, compact aluminum alloy housing. DIT-6H3 two-color pyrometer is ideal for situations where the target may be obstructed by atmospheric smoke or other particulates, where the target is moving or smaller than the pyrometer's field-of-view, especially suitable for measuring high temperatures up to 3000℃. The pyrometer allows user to switch between one-color and two-color mode, which simplifies set-up and provides continued measurement flexibility.
      DIT-6H3 dual wavelength pyrometer features through-the-lens optical sighting. The optical resolution is 280:1 and the smallest spot size is 2mm. The emissivity is 0.10-1.00 in 0.01 increments. It also has RS485 serial communications, which can help users to operate the pyrometer remotely through a computer in the control room. This enables remote setup, monitoring and maintenance, valuable for installation in hard-to-reach locations.
  Technical Data
  Model & Temperature range
  DIT-6H3: 1000-3000℃
       Distance-to-Spot Ratio (D:S)
  Spectral range
  0.8-1.1µm/ 0.4-1.1µm
  Measurement parameters
  Accuracy: ±0.75%(FS)
  Repeatability: 0.2%
  Response time(95%): ≤5ms
  Temperature resolution(analog): 0.5℃
  Temperature resolution(digital): 0.1℃
  Electrical Parameters
  Output: 0-20mA or 4-20mA or 0-5V
  Power: 24VDC,500mA
  General Parameters
  Ambient temperature range: 0-70℃
  With air cooling: 120℃
  With water cooling: 175℃
  Storage temperature range: -20-70℃
  Vibration: GB/T2423.8-1995
  Dimensions: L:max185mm;Φ58mm
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