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What are the advantages of fiber optic infrared thermometer
Compared with the integrated infrared thermometer, the fiber optic infrared thermometer has many advantages.
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Advantages of fiber optic infrared thermometer
Due to the separation of the optical path system and the circuit system, the optical path system of the thermometer can be installed in a high temperature environment and can work stably online for a long time.
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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature transmitter product introduction
Fluorescent optical fiber temperature transmitter is a multi-channel optical fiber temperature measurement device. The temperature measurement channel can be expanded according to the demand,
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What are the characteristics of fiber optic thermometer
The probe is PFA Teflon coated so it can be used in corrosive chemical environments, 100% non-metallic, does not generate any sparks for flammable and explosive environments.
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Principles of Optical Pyrometers
Optical pyrometer is a temperature measuring instrument based on the principle of spectral radiation. The object will emit light at high temperature.
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The working characteristics of optical pyrometer
Optical pyrometers can be divided into optical pyrometers, total radiation pyrometers, photoelectric colorimetric pyrometers and infrared thermometers. They are all non-contact measuring instruments.
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Features of Optical Pyrometer
When measuring temperature with an optical pyrometer, the image seen by the human eye through the eyepiece is shown in the figure.
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Common categories of optical pyrometers
The working current of the high temperature bulb is changed by adjusting the resistance. When the brightness of the filament is consistent with the brightness of the object to be measured,
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Criteria for choosing a pyrometer
The application of the pyrometer is mainly determined by the measurement range. Whether it is the measurement voltage or the initial value of the measurement area, it should be consistent with the requirements of the measurement work.
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