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DIKAI V3.0 Data acquisition system


DIKAI V3.0 Data acquisition system

For non-contact data acquisition Data acquisition through AD acquisition card Historical data can be queried Temperature alarm setting
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DIKAIV3.0 Infrared Temperature Measurement System: This system is a data acquisition software specially developed for the infrared pyrometer sold by Dikai Optoelectronics. The digital output interface of the infrared pyrometer realizes data acquisition through the AD acquisition card, and then connects to the serial port of the computer through the RS485-RS232 converter to realize non-contact data acquisition.

The software is green software, no need to install, it takes up little memory, and the interface is friendly and easy to learn. Use Access database, multiple data query mode, multi-interface curve display. The sampling time, the upper and lower limits of the range, and the alarm value can be set. Can meet the needs of general data collection and online monitoring. Data storage in multiple formats, easy to maintain, especially suitable for comprehensive management of plant data, process records.


■ For infrared non-contact temperature measurement data acquisition;

■ Data acquisition through AD capture card;

■ Via RS485-RS232 converter and computer serial port;

■ Adopt Windows graphical interface, the interface is friendly and easy to learn;

■ Multiple data query methods;

■ The sampling time can be set, and the upper and lower limits of the range can be set;

■ Temperature alarm setting;

■ Real-time temperature monitoring curve display, real-time temperature measurement value display;

■ Multiple data query methods;


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