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WRIRT Infrared Pyrometer


WRIRT Infrared Pyrometer

WRIRT wide-range radiation pyrometer provides superior accuracy in demanding industrial process applications. Equipped with optical sighting, this pyrometer can measure target temperatures ranging from 400℃ to 2600℃ and 700℃ to 3000℃.
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  WRIRT wide-range infrared radiation pyrometer provides superior accuracy in high-demanding industrial process applications. It can measure target temperatures ranging from 400℃ ~ 2600℃, and 700℃ ~ 3000℃. WRIRT wide-range Pyrometer features an advanced electro-optical design, digital electronics and an intuitive Push Button interface - all combined in a rugged, compact aluminium alloy housing. The sensor can be easily set up for stand alone operation or configured for a multi-sensor network. 
  WRIRT radiation pyrometer features through-the-lens optical sighting.The optical resolution is 300:1 and the smallest spot size is 2mm.The emissivity is 0.10 to 1.00 in 0.01 increments. The 4-digit LED display provides a convenient online indicator of the Pyrometer's operating status and easy operation of setting the parameters.
  WRIRT infrared Pyrometer can be equipped with a compact, value-priced monitor that configures the functions via the front panel. It also has optional bidirectional RS485 serial interface between the Pyrometer in the factory and a computer in the control room. This enables remote setup, monitoring and maintenance, especially valuable for installation in hard-to-reach locations.
  WRIRT wide-range pyrometer is designed for temperature measurement in the sealing arrangement such as vacuum furnaces, plasma furnaces, microwave-heating and so on. It is also valuable for non-ferrous processing and non-metallic materials manufacture.
  Technical Data
  Model & Temperature range
  WRIRT-426: 400-2600℃
  WRIRT-730: 700-3000℃
       Distance-to-Spot Ratio (D:S)
  Spectral range
       WRIRT-426: 1-1.7µm 
       WRIRT-730: 0.4-1.1µm
  Measurement parameters
  Accuracy: ±0.5%(FS)
  Repeatability: 0.2%
  Response time(95%): ≤5ms
  Temperature resolution(analog): 1℃
  Temperature resolution(digital): 0.1℃
  Electrical Parameters
  Output: 0-20mA or 4-20mA or 0-5V
  Power: 24VDC,100mA
  General Parameters
  Ambient temperature range: 0-70℃
  With air cooling: 120℃
  With water cooling: 175℃
  Storage temperature range: -20-70℃
  Vibration: GB/T2423.8-1995
  Dimensions: L:max185mm;Φ58mm
  Housing: Aluminum        
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