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Measuring range of optical pyrometers
When the temperature to be measured is higher than the range that thermocouples can use, and where it is impossible or not suitable for installation of thermocouples, optical pyrometers can generally meet this requirement.
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What are the characteristics of industrial pyrometers
Pyrometers are available in two forms: 1) A device for measuring the temperature of the molten pool, including: a refractory mounting sleeve and an optical pyrometer;
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Fluorescent fiber optic temperature transmitter product introduction
Fluorescent optical fiber temperature transmitter is a multi-channel optical fiber temperature measurement device. The temperature measurement channel can be expanded according to the demand,
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Advantages of fiber optic infrared thermometer
Due to the separation of the optical path system and the circuit system, the optical path system of the thermometer can be installed in a high temperature environment and can work stably online for a long time.
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Several detection methods and selection of industrial site temperature
Infrared thermometer (portable) is characterized by non-contact temperature measurement; wide temperature measurement range (600~1800℃/900~2500℃); high precision; stable performance;
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Extensive use of pyrometers in various industrial fields
The sharp drop in prices in recent years has opened up more and more application fields, especially in low temperature areas or to replace general traditional thermometers.
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The interference problem of infrared temperature measurement in industrial field application
Radiation temperature measurement is a non-contact temperature measurement, which is often subject to external interference during measurement.
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The development of the principle of non-contact infrared temperature measurement
The non-contact pyroelectric infrared thermometer is a new type of infrared thermometer that uses the pyroelectric effect. Compared with other traditional thermometers,
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Advantages of non-contact pyrometers
Temperature sensor, the most commonly used non-contact thermometer is based on the basic law of black body radiation, called radiation thermometer.
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